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    About us

    Why to choose Greenpot?

    Greenspot brand is a new innovative concept that meets expectations of the modern world. Our mission is to design functional furniture which creates perfect harmony with the environment and points out nature’s significance. The product’s uniqueness will be appreciated by green lifestyle enthusiasts who can be involved in the growing plants process.

    Our products are eco-friendly and multi seasonal which shows human ability to live in harmony and creative partnership with nature.

    Each product is handmade

    Every product is exquisitely handcrafted from the beginning and unique due to hard work and dedication of our carpenters. The main focus is not only on general product functionality, but the details that create the final result. Moreover handmade production gives us assurance of strength of the structure, reliability and a lack of defects.

    A product of polish production

    By purchasing our product at the same time you protect the environment and support the Polish economy. All materials that we use for the production of furniture comes only from Polish producers and suppliers. Moreover, the production process takes place in Poland. It’s well known that polish product characterised by high quality in world classification