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    Mini Greenhouse Vintage

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    Mini Greenhouse Vintage

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    The Greenspot elevated wooden mini greenhouse is a great alternative for people living in the city who want to have their own garden on the balcony, terrace and in the yard. The elevated cold frame is also a simple way to grow your favorite herbs, vegetables and fruit from early spring to late autumn.

    The lower planter has been designed in such a way that you can plant plants without worrying about your back problems. What’s more, the entire structure has been carefully made of thick, impregnated spruce wood, thanks to which it is very durable and stable, and at the same time it looks great, so it will be the perfect complement to your home garden.

    Solid construction and stylish design

    Due to the fact that it is made of thick, impregnated spruce wood, the cold frame is not only very durable and stable, but also attractive. The elevated garden bed in a rustic style is an eye-catcher, blending perfectly into the surroundings of your balcony, terrace or garden.

    Convenient planting and a large cultivation area

    On the surface of 110 x 50 cm, you can dig, plant and cultivate according to your preferences, and the working height of 80 cm will allow you to work comfortably while standing without causing problems to your back. The height of the garden bed also prevents pests from entering.

    Protection against external factors

    The mini-greenhouse is equipped with an opening lid made of resistant polycarbonate, which allows the sun’s rays to pass through and protects against changing temperature and weather conditions. It allows for quick and trouble-free growth of even the most demanding flowers, vegetables and herbs. In addition, the planter has a blocking system that keeps the greenhouse moveless and stable.

    Convenient lid opening

    Two handles located on both sides of the lid allow for smooth opening of the greenhouse when you want to let in a little more air. On the other hand, the lock of the handles when fully opened allows the lid to be moveless.

    Adapted agrotextile to regulate soil moisture

    The agrotextile, which is part of the equipment, protects the wood against moisture and direct contact with the ground, which significantly extends the durability of the product.

    What’s more, the agrotextile allows excess water to pass, thus maintaining proper soil moisture and air circulation. NOTE: It is recommended to keep a mini-greenhouse only outdoors (balcony or terrace).

    Additional information

    Weight 20 kg
    Dimensions 110 × 56 × 120 cm

    Dark Rosewood, Rosewood, White


    W zestawie:

    Instrukcja, komplet wkrętów do drewna, pinezki, uchwyty do pokrywy, agrowłóknina, zawiasy do pokrywy, haczyki do mocowania pokrywy, plastikowe nasadki na nogi.


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