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    Small Mini Greenhouse Vintage

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    Small Mini Greenhouse Vintage

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    A Small Mini Greenhouse is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to have their own garden, garden bed or kitchen garden. It allows you to grow plants anywhere: on a small balcony, terrace or allotment, so you can always have fresh and healthy vegetables, fruits and herbs close at hand. Most importantly, a small mini greenhouse is not only very practical, but also looks great and can last for many years in perfect condition.

    Strong structure and attractive design

    Strong structure and attractive design are just some of the features that distinguish our small cold frame. Thick and impregnated spruce wood ensures many years of durability, eye-catching design and solidity. This is important because our greenhouses are usually stored outside, so they have to be resistant to weather conditions (wind, rain, sun).

    Convenience of planting

    A small elevated greenhouse is also characterized by greater convenience of planting and growing plants than traditional forms. The planter has been adjusted to the height of an adult, so there is no need to bend too much while planting. In this way, your back does not hurt while working, so planting and caring for plants becomes pure pleasure.

    Protection against external factors

    Protection against external factors and unfavorable weather conditions are just some of the advantages of the elevated cold frame. Due to the fact that the plants are grown under controlled conditions, you can enjoy rich and large crops. In addition, thanks to such a protection, plants are more resistant to diseases and pests. So it is an ideal place to grow delicate species of plants.

    Convenient lid opening

    The mini greenhouse is equipped with two handles that allow you to adjust the cover. Thanks to this, you can freely open it on warmer days and close it at night, when it is getting cold and the frost is coming. In addition, the adjustable lid makes it easier to protect the plants during heavy rain or hail.

    Agrotextile extends durability

    Each mini-greenhouse is equipped with an agrotextile adapted to its dimensions, which not only protects the product against direct exposure to moisture and contact with the ground, but also regulates the level of moisture in the ground. Thanks to this, the greenhouse perfectly fulfills its role and pleases the eye with an attractive appearance.

    NOTE: it is recommended to keep small mini greenhouses outside – on the balcony, terrace, in the garden.

    Additional information

    Weight15 kg
    Dimensions80 × 46 × 120 cm

    Dark Rosewood, Rosewood, White


    W zestawie:

    Instrukcja, komplet wkrętów do drewna, pinezki, uchwyty do pokrywy, agrowłóknina, zawiasy do pokrywy, haczyki do mocowania pokrywy, plastikowe nasadki na nogi.


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