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    The prices given in the Online Store are expressed in EURO currency and are gross prices, they include
    all components, including VAT tax and customs duties.
    The prices, however, do not include any possible delivery costs, which are indicated when placing the


    Each Order is accompanied by a Proof of Purchase.


    The Buyer may choose one of the following methods of payment for the ordered Products:
    a) payment on personal pickup,
    b) payment by regular or online transfer to the Seller bank account. We wait for the transfer up to 3
    business days, in the absence of payment, the order is canceled,
    c) online payment – imoje. The payment service provider is ING Bank Śląski S.A.,
    d) online online payment – PayU Payments. The entity providing online payment services is PayU S.A.,
    e) cash on delivery.


    The Buyer selects the payment method when placing the Order.


    If you choose the payment method referred to in point b), the payment for the orders previously
    placed should be made to the account number: 70 1050 1100 1000 0097 5277 3722, with the Order
    number in the title. Products are shipped when 100% of the funds are credited to the Seller account.


    The Seller reserves the right to change the prices of the Products.


    Orders that were placed before the changes referred to in the previous sentence entered into force
    will be implemented on the terms applicable at the time of their submission.


    The above provision does not apply to Products covered by any form of promotion or sale, if the
    stock of such Products has been exhausted.


    In this case, the Seller will immediately inform the Buyer about running out of stock with an out-of-
    stock email notification, and the Buyer may purchase the ordered Products at the current price
    visible on the Store website or cancel the placed Order or its part.