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    Small Elevated Garden Bed Vintage

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    SKU: N/A Category:

    Small Elevated Garden Bed Vintage

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    Growing plants yourself means easy and quick access to healthy and tasty vegetables, herbs and even smaller fruits. Our small garden bed allows you to grow them, even if you live in a block of flats on the top floor. All you need is a little space on the balcony or on the terrace to enjoy your own mini garden.

    A solid and strong structure that will last for years

    Our small garden beds are made of impregnated spruce wood, which ensures maximum durability regardless of weather conditions. The wood is carefully painted with stain varnish, which extends its life and emphasizes its natural beauty. As a result, the product not only fulfills its function, but also looks great.

    Cultivation area tailored to your needs

    The relatively small size of the elevated planter allows you to have access to quite a lot of fresh vegetables and herbs every day. What is more, the specificity of the product means that it protects crops against pests, diseases or accidental damage by animals! The garden bed has been appropriately raised to allow an adult to work comfortably; you do not have to bend over, squat and overstrain your back anymore!

    Agrotextile for extended durability

    Our products have a built-in agrotextile, thanks to which the wood is not exposed to direct moisture and contact with the soil. In this way, we minimize the risk of damage and significantly extend the life of the product. So you can enjoy your little elevated planter for many years to come.

    Additional information

    Weight10 kg
    Dimensions80 × 45 × 80 cm

    Dark Rosewood, Rosewood, White


    W zestawie:

    Instrukcja, komplet wkrętów do drewna, pinezki, agrowłóknina, plastikowe nasadki na nogi.


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